"May the peace of the Lord Christ go with you,
wherever He may send you.
May he guide you through the wilderness,
protect you through the storm.
May he bring you home rejoicing
at the wonders he has shown you."

~ Celtic Daily Prayer, Book One – The Journey Begins

The 2nd Quarter of 2020 was an unusual time. The central bankers proceeded with the long awaited “global reset,” marketed under the air cover of a pandemic and interspersed with revivals of climate change pitches. The air was thick with lies, uncertainty, and fear.

There is nothing better for the soul at times like these than being focused. I was in the Netherlands creating Solari Europa with Robert Dupper and shifting our Wrap Up design and printing to Europe. I was also in the midst of writing The State of Our Currencies; although sorting through the story and facts surrounding the pandemic significantly delayed the process, ultimately, the pandemic also made writing the Wrap Up easier. The leadership push for transhumanism was coming out of the closet, making it less difficult to openly discuss.

The Solari team was lucky, having had the benefit of two decades of close collaboration with Jon Rappoport. We understood that we had already lived through many prior attempts at creating and using epidemics to justify increased central control—each time having the benefit of Jon’s insights. While 2020 represents the first time that the medical cartel has been able to get a pandemic to go global in a significant way, it would have been impossible to understand without a firm grasp of the history and the machinery built up over many decades. In addition to Jon’s valuable deciphering, the materials in Solari’s publications on Control 101 and Deep State Tactics 101 helped keep us focused on the underlying patterns and trends.

We also had the benefit of numerous allies and subscribers in the Solari network who have significant experience and expertise in health and medicine. Their regular feedback and intelligence—from around the world—was invaluable. We live in a world in which hundreds of specific, detailed reports about on-the-ground experience are much more valuable than aggregated news sources.

Finally, we had the benefit of watching the financial flows—a dead giveaway to what was really happening. I realized the enormous benefits of mapping the money as opposed to listening to the media shriek-o-meter. Without that grounding in financial patterns, we would have been ingesting large amounts of the incoherence that has defined this moment in time.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to be part of this effort—an effort characterized by many people dedicated to the truth, to helping each other, and to building a human future in the face of gut-wrenching harm that is systematically working to reduce businesses, families, and communities to "nothing." My personal experience with the U.S. leadership has taught me that they are slavers—they practice and believe in slavery. As they implement transhumanism and put into place the legal machinery to kidnap and control children, this aspect is coming out of the closet as well. Perhaps this coming out of the closet means that we can finally deal with it. It reminds me of a challenge posed in the documentary The Social Dilemma: "How do you wake up from the matrix, if you don’t know there is a matrix?"

The 2nd Quarter 2020 had a profound impact on me. Twenty-five years previously, in 1995, I entered a lengthy period of being targeted, shunned, and isolated. My business and personal wealth were destroyed unnecessarily by falsehoods and phony allegations. My relationships with family, friends, and colleagues were almost all destroyed. I was marked as someone to be shunned and avoided. I lived with constant lies being circulated about me, my business, and my personal life. I also lived without physical safety, as the target of off-and-on physical harassment. In 2006, I believed that after proving all the allegations false, things might improve, but I was wrong. The search for truth turned out to be a much more isolating and expensive path than I could have dreamed possible. But I stuck with it—knowing that the central bankers and their intelligence networks would continue to grow and harvest. Like the Beck Brothers in the series Yellowstone, the dirty tricks would continue until the middle of the road was eaten away.

Since March of 2020, I feel like a person living life in reverse. As I move out of the isolation that was the result of the path I chose, I am watching as billions of people are being forced into a process that is destroying their livelihoods, businesses, and savings, requiring them to work remotely under constant surveillance, and increasingly isolating them from family, friends, colleagues, and communities—all achieved with a thicket of lies. As I feel my fellow man’s grief and pain from the first few months of that process, I remember what the beginning felt like for me, and I appreciate what it took to live and walk through two decades of it. Somehow, it brings perspective. It also brings ideas on how Solari can help. One of the most important insights we can offer is that this is a war—the goal is to get you to give up—to let go of life, even kill yourself. Don’t fall for it. Indeed, now is the time we are called to fight back.

This journey began with my effort to realign the Popsicle Index* with the Dow Jones Index—to create a win-win relationship between living and financial equity. As you look around the world at the lawlessness and extraordinary destruction of trust that comes with central control by invasive digital and criminal means, it is worth thinking about the many people in your life who support and raise your Popsicle Index. My life is now full of many people who do. In fact, the 2nd Quarter 2020 was defined by my gratitude for them and their presence in my life. They are indeed part of the "wonders that Christ has shown me."

The Solari team and I have many people to thank for making the Solari Report great in the 2nd Quarter 2020.

Jason Bawden-Smith
Jason continues to keep the Solari networks informed on biophysics and how to stay healthy in a wireless world.

Robert Dupper
Robert is Solari’s videographer, graphics guru, creative inspiration, and anchor in the Netherlands and a founding partner of Solari Europa.

Brad Eddins
Brad is Solari’s News Trends & Stories Wrap Up editor and does a yeoman’s job preparing that section of the Wrap Ups. Brad also manages the Take Action section at solari.com.

Bronwen Evans
Bronwen provides us with a much-needed eye on Southeast Asia that reflects extensive experience in global journalism, business and finance, and building local ecosystems.

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
Joseph joins us for our quarterly News Trends & Stories analysis. There is simply nothing else like it. It was Joseph who persuaded me to expand our coverage of culture. It has made a life-giving difference. We also gather essential insights weekly from Joseph’s work at Giza Death Star.

Nina Heyn
Nina continues to delight us with her Food for the Soul columns as she sleuths out great art, great museums, and great movies. In the 2nd Quarter, cancelling her Food for the Soul travel arrangements was a big job, but it did not stop her from doing an amazing job and producing wonderful content for her biweekly column, her Food for the Soul section for each Wrap Up, and her new podcast series.

Ulrike Granögger
Ulrike has been shifting our paradigms with the latest revelations in spiritual practice and science in her incredible workshops and the Solari Future Science Series.

Matt Hale
Attorney Matt Hale has been helping me with questions in Ask Catherine as the technocratic thicket of laws and regulations grows.

Pete Kennedy
As the host of the Solari Food Series, attorney Pete Kennedy has been helping us understand and support the farmers, legislators, and litigators who are protecting our right to grow and market fresh local food.

Najat Madry
Najat’s columns on New York’s debates about statues, masks, and what ails us offer tremendous insights into what has been happening at an intimate level in America this year.

Thomas Meyer and his clan
Thomas grasped my interest in Rudolf Steiner and my passion for the Story of Gideon and Chartres and has been educating and inspiring me about them ever since.

Brigitte Mouchet
Brigitte inspires and educates us to maintain our strength and vitality in the Solari Wellness Series.

Rambus provides truly the best technical analysis anywhere for our quarterly Equity Overviews.

Jon Rappoport
Jon Rappoport’s decades of research and writing on health care and the use of the medical cartel to engineer central control has made it possible for us to “jump the curve” on pandemic propaganda.

The Saker
The Saker is a unique voice helping us each quarter to understand the emergence of a multipolar world.

Dr. Mark Skidmore
Mark continues his efforts to research the missing money, providing several updates in 2020—it is some of the most original, fearless scholarship on the planet.

Snozrap is the gifted artist who makes our Solari Toons. He does a remarkable job of helping us maintain our state of amusement.

John Titus
As a long-time admirer of John’s work and videos at his Best Evidence channel, I asked John to join me as a regular on Money & Markets to assist with central bank watching—having his insights and humor on Money & Markets is one of the great developments of 2020.

Jason Worth
Jason continues to provide highly capable research and excellent book reviews.

Where are the great scholars and fearless thinkers when you need them? They are right here on The Solari Report!

Most of all, the thanks of the entire Solari team go to our subscribers. Thank you for your ideas, links, comments, and insights, and for putting gas in our tanks. You are one of the most remarkable networks of people on the planet today. The Solari vision is to grow as an intelligence network that serves each other—and all humanity—in living a free and inspired life. Each day, you inspire us with the confidence that such a vision is unfolding before our very eyes.

On behalf of the entire Solari team, I wish you the joys of creation and prosperity as we move through unprecedented times.

~ Catherine Austin Fitts

*The Popsicle Index is the % of people in a community who believe that a child can leave their home, go to the nearest place to buy a popsicle, and come home alone safely.