"For endless war, you must have an enemy who cannot be caught, who is completely vaporous, therefore necessitating nonstop aggressive emergency measures…. The perfect enemy for a state that seeks endless war and strives forever to pull the wool over the eyes of its own citizens for purposes of endless robbery and implementing slavery where freedom previously existed would be an enemy who cannot, under any circumstances, ever be caught. …In the literal sense, this perfect enemy does not exist, which makes [it] perfect for a society determined to make war, because [it] will never be caught and the war can continue forever. The harder an enemy is to find and defeat, the better it is for those who seek to profit from the staged campaign to destroy that enemy." ~ John Kaminski, "The Perfect Enemy"

Top Worldwide Protest Videos

A must-hear speech by David Icke, London Unite for Freedom Rally, August 29, 20

Berlin invites Europe – Festival for Freedom and Peace: Live broadcast of the rally on August 29, 2020

Children’s Health Defense
RFK Jr. speaks in Sacramento | June 23, 2020

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. arrives in Berlin for Conference on Children’s Health

Robert F. Kennedy bei Corona-Protesten: Nur RT lässt noch frei reden

RFK Jr. speaks at Berlin Rally for Freedom and Peace | August 29, 2020

Corbett Report

How Bill Gates Monopolized World Health
corbettreport | May 1, 2020

Bill Gates’s Plan to Vaccinate the World
corbettreport | May 8, 2020

Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid
corbettreport | May 17, 2020

Meet Bill Gates
corbettreport | May 24, 2020

Cutting Through the Lies

Advice from a French shepherd: how to “shear” people

Xavier-Louis de Izarra | April 12, 2020

Sheriff of Snohomish County on lockdown April 22, 2020

King 5 | April 22, 2020

Rev. Danny Jones sermon April 19, 2020

New Life Studios | May 1, 2020

Interview with cancer researcher prof. Dolores Cahill
Solari | May 11, 2020

HR 6666 contact tracing bill about controlling tracking population

Nothing But Truth2 | May 14, 2020

Sara Cunial from Italian parliament on Bill Gates
Stone Turner | May 16, 2020

Perspectives on the Pandemic

YouTube pulled five episodes of Perspectives on the Pandemic, including the video by Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi, who own and run an urgent care facility in Kern County, CA. The episodes removed by YouTube are viewable at banned.video and/or BitChute.

Perspectives on the Pandemic: Knut Wittkowski, Episode 2
BitChute | April 1-2, 2020

Why lockdowns are the wrong policy: Swedish expert Prof. Johan Giesecke (YouTube)

UnHerd | April 17, 2020

See the video YouTube banned of California doctors exposing COVID-19 hoax: Drs. Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi
Most Banned Videos | April 25, 2020

Dr. Erickson COVID-19 briefing (full video)
Ramzpaul | April 28, 2020

Exclusive interview w Dr. Dan Erickson under attack for questioning coronavirus – Ben Swann
Conscious One | May 1, 2020

Dr. Erickson interviews Dr. Wittkowski
Solari | May 11, 2020

Perspectives on the Pandemic | The (Undercover) Epicenter Nurse | Episode Nine

Journeyman Pictures | June 9, 2020

The Charlie Kirk Show: Nine doctors speak out

DrsViewsOnVaccines | July 29, 2020

Other Videos

Let’s Go to the Movies: Week of June 8, 2020 – The Rebirth of Nature with Rupert Sheldrake

Unreal: Orange County doctor breaks his silence on COVID-19

Fleccas Talks | May 13, 2020

Dallas doctor Ivette Lozano treating patients w/ hydroxychloroquine & azithromycin

Big Skid Media | May 15, 2020

Dr. Lozano with Laura Ingraham
Sal From Texas | May 15, 2020

A women gets her contact tracer certificates and tells all

Vladislav Sobolev | May 27, 2020

What are governors planning to do with our children

Ammon Bundy| June 2, 2020

Dr. Moncef Slaoui on bioelectronics
GSK | March 3, 2016

WHO Global Vaccine Safety Summit (December 2019)

W.H.O. scientists question safety of vaccines
WHO headquarters (Geneva, Switzerland) | December 2-3, 2019

Caught on camera W.H.O. scientists question safety of vaccines
Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News | January 16, 2020